Monday News Roundup

Public Art meets Public Transportation (GOOD)
Public art and public transportation combined? What more could you ask for?

Portland Does it Again (PriceTags)
PDX comes up with another great idea to celebrate its public spaces – this time its bridges.

Germany Targets 100 percent Renewable Electricity by 2050 (Treehugger)
Germany is already a global leader in solar power, but that's just a start as far as Germans are concerned.

Evergreen Line a Go (Beyond Robson)
Despite uncertainty over the project's funding, Metro Vancouver's Evergreen transit line - a new rapid transit line that will connect Coquitlam to Vancouver via Port Moody and Burnaby - will proceed as scheduled, according executive director Dave Duncan.

Pavilion made from recycled Speedos (Treehugger)
This amazing pavilion designed by students at Chelsea College of Art & Design has been on show during the London Festival of Architecture for the last couple of weeks. It is made from the unlikeliest of materials, Speedo swimsuits, and we think it's a fantastic example of the design possibilities that can be found in the upcycling process.

Community garden accessible to all (Straight)
Jill Weiss has designed the city's first community garden accessible to people with disabilities.

Street density by transportation mode (The Transit Pass)

The Vancouver model comes to China (Crosscut)
Expos are about the world, but also remaking cities. Shanghai's fair showcases urbanism, which includes a Northwest pavilion that promotes density but will sell sprawl too, if that's what China wants.

Commuter Pain Index (Wired)
Quit whining about your commute. It isn’t that bad, even for you Angelinos and New Yorkers. Your daily slog through traffic is nothing compared to Moscow, where people might spend more than three hours sucking exhaust fumes while going nowhere fast.

Artist turns Paris into a playground (GOOD)
The French artist Jerome G. Demuth (who also goes by the moniker "G"), recently installed swings around Paris for the public to use.

Belltown – is this as good as it gets? (Crosscut)
Belltown's history over the past 25 years suggested vitality, density, and the kind of success needed for the state's growth management plans to succeed. Now, it may be at a tipping point, in the wrong direction.

This week's sign of the apocalypse (Kaid at NRDC) 

paris: world's best transit logo? (Human Transit)
I've seen a lot of transit logos all over the world, and this is my personal favorite. Perhaps I love Paris too much to be fair.  Perhaps one has to know Paris to appreciate it.  But that's fine; it's a logo for Parisians.